Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tomorrow is her birthday.

Tomorrow, Grace will turn two.  It is her first birthday with her forever family, and is an occasion of major celebration!  But there are so many things that go through my mind when I think about Grace's birthday, and everything it means.

Two years ago tonight, her mother was feeling the last kicks and stretches of the baby girl in her womb.  Two years ago tonight, she was anticipating seeing the little face of her daughter.  HER DAUGHTER. 
Two years ago tonight was the last night her heart wouldn't have a Grace-shaped hole in it.

I can't help thinking of this woman tonight.  Our lives are forever linked in the life of our daughter - Grace YeoJin.  I wonder what she looks like.  Did Grace get her gorgeous full lips from her?  What about her long fingers?  Her dark brown hair that shines red in the sun? 

I wonder what she is thinking tonight.  Is she missing her baby girl?  Does she want to see her?  Hold her?  Whisper sweet mommy things into her ear?  I can't help but imagine that she wants these things - that she longs to hold her girl in her arms. 

Our daughter.

She is just that.  Ours.  She has two mamas.  One who is lucky enough to hold her every day.  To hear her laugh, see her smile, and kiss those sweet cheeks.  One who holds the memory of the sweet newborn smell, the baby sounds, and the first breath of the daughter she brought into the world.  

Neither of us will ever be the same.

Happy Almost-Birthday, Peanut.  We love you. 

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