Saturday, April 16, 2011

NIne months home!

It's hard to believe that nine months ago (minus one day - I'm late... Heck.  I have four kids!  What more do you want from me?), we began a journey as a family of six!  We arrived home on July 15th, 2010, and jumped into something scary and wonderful.  The last nine months have had a steep learning curve, and have been anything but easy.  I have had many, many days of asking myself, "What have we done????"  

But as I look at my sweet girl, I know exactly what we have done.  We have added a blessing to our family - with everything that implies... 

The comments about how I "have my hands full" and the funny looks that linger a little too long when a stranger registers that our fourth child is, in fact, Korean.  The tantrums.  The extra diapers.  The massive grocery bill.  The mountains of laundry that now include a girly colored pile.  The multitude of sleepless nights.  The worries about raising another child, and doing it well.

The amazingly sweet kisses and hugs.  The giggles.  The princess that refuses to leave the house without a hairbow.  The lover of shoes.  The biggest and most entusiastic eater ever.  The animal fanatic.  The perfect pink answer to all the testosterone that floats around this house.  Our baby girl.


and this:

 and this:

 and this:

Blessing after blessing.  An amazing journey that has led us to more love and more silliness than we deserve.  Love that isn't depleted, but is added to exponentially.  A family that is so very much better for the nine months we have spent with this wonderful girl.  A future that is more promising because of the chance to love her.  Lucky us.

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  1. Oh she is beautiful! What a joy and a blessing! And I love her big girl piggies! Too cute.