Monday, June 20, 2011

Finally they meet!

As we waited for Grace to come home, we were blessed to "meet" (online) another wonderful family waiting to bring their sweet girl home.  Our daughters were born just one week apart, and came home one month apart.  We have been talking about getting together for quite some time, and it finally happened!!

I wish I could say Grace just loved having another little Korean sweetie come to visit, but she wasn't that keen about having to share her toys.  She warmed up eventually, though!

It has been so wonderful getting to know another family that is in the same place in their journey as us.  We have experienced many of the same things, but have also had very different bonding experiences with our daughters.  It has been a blessing to get to know this family, and I hope we will be able to have many more chances to get together as our girls grow up. 

Aren't they cute together?
 Sweet girls!!!

Why are they looking at us?  Are we cute or something???

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